Sunday, 18 November, 2018

About Creating Care Choices


3Cs began in January 2000, initially with two siblings with EBD referred by a Social Services Children and Families Team. Later that year, a further child was referred by another Children's and families and Team. After a year in the placement, this third child was transferred from the children and Families Team to the Children with disabilities team due to his/her medical condition. Since this time, 3C's have worked with Children with disabilities (non- physical).


The purpose for 3Cs is to provide high quality care, either medium to long term or on a short stay respite basis. The care is provided in 2 'family' type residential homes for a maximum of 6 children/young people aged between 7 and 18 years on admission.

The homes are made up of two terraced houses that are next door to each other. There is an internal door (for staff use), which connects the two homes. There is also a garden than runs between the two homes.

Each home can accommodate 3 children/young people at any one time. 3C's will place a variety of individuals, for an assortment of placement duration. However, any respite care offered by 3C's will not be to the detriment of any young person in-situ on a medium to long term basis. It is the policy of 3C's not to place respite referrals in the same home as those placed for longer term care, unless the young people are known to each other (i.e.: they may go to the same school or after school club).

Consistency of care and the well-being of each individual is of paramount concern to 3C's, no matter how long or short each stay.

We anticipate that young people coming to 3Cs may have been exhibiting challenging behaviour, and may have learning disabilities that may impact on their behaviour. The home has a small staff team that is settled, qualified, recognises their duty of care, and work effectively with their clients and each other, ensuring consistency and quality child care. The small number of clients accommodated in the houses, enable the team, to get to know our residents and work positively with each individual child, by implementing a care plan that meet individual needs. 3Cs actively work towards 'deinstitutionalising' all children in our care.

3C's are unable to accommodate wheelchair users or those with high level of mobility difficulties, as we do not have specialised equipment or room for wheelchair use.


- To operate and provide good quality childcare within the frame work of the Children's Act 1989, National Care Standards 2000, Policies and Procedures of the placing authority, and the standards inspected by Ofsted.

- To provide a caring, safe and supportive environment, based on firm but fair boundaries and structures appropriate to the age of the child/young person.


3Cs only admit children/young people after careful consideration of the child's needs and the needs of others in-situ. 3C's does not operate an emergency admission policy. Irrespective of the placement, respite or long stay, staff at 3Cs will actively work towards positive outcomes for all residents. For respite we aim to have each child returning to their usual placement/home having had a positive experience, and long stay we aim to make a difference in their welfare, play a positive role in their development towards adulthood.


3Cs look at each child on an individual basis. We offer tailored comprehensive care package to a variety of children, including those with learning difficulties, Attention Deficit Disorder, Emotional and Behavioural problems, children with medical conditions such as Global Delay and children on the Autistic Spectrum (low to medium level), together with children who have been abused and neglected. 3Cs actively look behind the label.


The criteria of children accommodated, other than ages is by referral from a local authority Social Services department and where the child has a named social worker. Accommodation for children living with a physical disability can be offered at this unit, depending on needs.

The facilities and services offered in the unit are what would normally be expected in a child friendly home.

In addition, access to a complaint procedure, supportive information, for example, telephone access to the child's social worker, advocate, child line or significant other. Child privacy, confidentiality and access to child records. Support and facilities for any special needs the child may have or any other need noted in the child's Care Plan.

3Cs offer high quality, experienced care with excellent staff to client ratios. The home works as a team to run effectively, however within this, we have the luxury of working closely with each residential resident.

3Cs operate comprehensive operational guidelines, based on the 'Children Act 1989', 'Care Standards Act 2000', LAC (2000) 21, and Ofsted Minimum Standards. 3Cs have high expectations of each individual resident, thus increasing their own self esteem and confidence. 3Cs children do not have failures or set backs, but experience alternative ways of moving forward by evaluating past actions. Unfortunately, it is not unusual for young people to experience changes of placement and allocated social worker, this can severely affect their individual care plans. 3Cs commit to each child and their individual care plan, so that should a change occur in their placement or worker, we can share out individual knowledge and understanding of each young person, ensuring their futures are not adversely affected by these changes.

3Cs aim to work positively with all agencies involved with our young people, including placing authority, schools, health services ( including therapeutic input), family including extended and friends and the child's local community.

3Cs identify the young person's needs and respond in individual ways to meet them, this can involve looking at background, culture, past care experiences, positives and negatives, likes and dislikes. 3Cs constantly evaluate what worked and why. This is shared amongst the staff team by supervision team meetings and direct work with the individual young person. Close communication with all other agencies and team working to a similar goal all assist in meeting individual needs and addressing issues as they arise, ideally before behaviours spiral out of control.


We seek to provide a supportive multi-cultural environment where children's rights are upheld.

To allow children to develop, and be nurtured in a constant, secure and caring environment.

To treat each child as an individual person, and to promote and safeguard their welfare.

We seek to create a 'normal' family life for children in our care and to help them come to terms with past experiences. Develop feelings of self worth by investing in their short-term care and avoid 'multi placement syndrome' by offering security and a safe environment while the child is 'taking a break' from their normal setting.

We will endeavour to maintain non- judgemental and non-discriminatory attitudes towards the children and families with whom we work and will take positive steps to counter the effects of prejudice and disadvantage experienced elsewhere. Our work will be tailored to meet the particular needs of children and their parents, carers and social workers: We will work closely with parents/carers and significant others, other agencies, services and professional disciplines and value their contributions to ensure the widest possible input to our care of children.

3Cs philosophy is simply to allow children to develop and be nurtured in a constant, secure and caring family environment.

To treat each child as an individual person and promote and safeguard their welfare in every way.

Our aims are to:

  • Create a 'normal' family life for the children in our care.
  • Help children come to terms with past experiences.
  • Develop a feeling of self worth by investing in their respite to long-term care, and to develop their self-esteem and worth as individuals.
  • Avoid the 'multi-placement syndrome', offering each child security, commitment and care.
  • Provide local provision for local children in their own community.
  • Give encouragement and opportunities for the children to develop their full potential.
  • Advocate for the child.


We provide children and young people with a constant, secure, caring family environment with the opportunity to develop. 3cs cater for children who are considered not suitable for larger homes, children who are in care of foster carers and those who need respite within the London community. We are also able to offer care to sibling groups.

Our main philosophy is to avoid the trauma many children experience of multi- placements. We aim to give stable, consistent and continuing care to children initially aged between 7-18 years at admission.

Based in the Mottingham triangle, the home is accessible to four London Boroughs, Lewisham, Greenwich, Bromley and Bexley. We will be able, therefore, to keep children from the local communities in their community. Other placing authorities are welcome to refer to us.

We work as a typical family unit and encourage the children to participate in family type life experiences, i.e. cooking, shopping, budgeting etc. We positively encourage all young people to take part in local activities, to help them feel part of the wider community.